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The Team, Kare Plus, Exeter

Derek Bridgman

I am the recruitment consultant at Kare Plus Exeter, with my demonstrated history of working in the hospital and care industry, I hope to source and maintain a great team of Health care professionals of all grades to assist the local Health care establishments. Utilising my Quality and assurance specialist background we shall strive as a…

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Rami Navickaite & Min Sviens

We are the Directors of Kare Plus Exeter, we believe that kindness and empathy make this world a nicer place to live in. Our aim at Kare Plus Exeter is to deliver a high standard of care and ensure that each and every person is respected, valued and cared for in the nicest possible manner.             …

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"Doggie" is a Kare Plus Exeter pet, he keeps a close eye on what is happening when he attends the office. Doggie believes that being such a cute dog he can boost peoples attitudes, increasing positivity and effectiveness this, in turn, makes it easier for doggie to scrounge a little food, such as biscuits.

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