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Kare Plus has an exemplary record in offering a particularly useful service to care professionals looking for health care and support worker jobs.

About Our Care Worker Jobs

Kare Plus are a passionate and dedicated provider of nursing and domiciliary care services. We offer our services to those looking to hire individuals to undertake specialised care worker jobs in different health related areas. We represent both registered and non-registered workforces, and they are requested by some of the most well-renowned and largest health and nursing care units. We are always looking for the most dedicated care workers in the UK and finding them opportunities in the industry.

Kare Plus offers its Expert Care

Clients who have experienced a brain injury or those who have had brain surgery may need medical support and specialised care and treatment for quick and overall recovery. Kare Plus provide expert care giver jobs to those who can give specialised assistance to patients with traumatic brain injuries as well as haemorrhages, birth defects, tumours, strokes and other problems affecting the brain.

Patients with Memory Related Disease – Dementia and Alzheimer’s patients need support and constant care to ensure their physical and mental well being. Kare Plus offers its specialised services by providing expert caregivers to help these patients and bring them comfort and solace.

End of Life Care – End of life care is an approach to care for people who are living with a life-threatening illness, no matter how old they are.  Also sometimes referred to as palliative care; we often seek it for individuals whom we love when it seems clear that their time is drawing near. Besides treatment and relief from pain, during this phase, people need nothing more but love and care from others while maximizing quality of life for the patient, family and loved ones. At Kare Plus we provide care worker jobs for experts who can not only take care of the needs of these types of patients but also help their families and friends to face the situation.

Elderly Care – Frail and some older people need special and individualised care. Kare Plus provides adequately skilled care workers to take care of these individual cases as per special requirements.

Spinal Trauma – Spinal injury can have quite an adverse impact on affected patients so they need special care and medical intervention to cope with and overcome the trauma. Kare Plus provides care workers whose job is to help bring about the most comprehensive recovery quickly.

Nursing Sector

In the nursing sector, Kare Plus can put you in contact with those who offer expert services to people with learning disabilities. We also fill community nursing needs and work in hospices and in prisons where they provide treatment to inmates. Workers from the nursing sector can also provide care to those with complex mental health. They can help with remote clinical services and aid those recovering from drug & alcohol misuse.

Supported Living Services – Those who offer supported living services help patients in improving their quality of life in all areas of health and social care.  These include the provision of social, psychological, cultural, language, intellectual, emotional, spiritual and practical support.

The domiciliary care service workers provided by Kare Plus are distinctively trained and are led by skilled professionals in home and public care.  Our team works hard and takes immense pride in enhancing the lives of the individuals in their care.

Kare Plus has the best track record in offering a particularly useful service to care professionals looking for health care and support worker jobs.

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